Barbie Follow-up

[Editor’s Note: We’re back!  Thanks for your patience!  This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen!]

In conjunction with announcing Barbie’s new Geeky career, the Alldoll’dup Barbie Blog announced their list of 10 Women to Watch in 2010.  Yoky Matshuoka, a leader in neurobotics  is on  the top of the list. In case you didn’t know, neurobiotics “merges neuroscience with robotics and could one day allow patients to control prosthetic limbs through the same brain signals we use to move our arms and legs.”  Watch Yoky in 2010 or watch heron NOVA Science NOW.

Yoky is a tennis prodigy turned scientist.  Yoky identifies with young girls’ desire to be popular.  A nerd at heart, Yoky had to “live a double life” to fit in.   As an adult and as a beautiful, intelligent and popular scientist, her message is that it’s ok for girls to be smart.  How smart is that?

·          Yoky Matshuoka neurobiotics scientist

·          Gretchen Bleiler ,Olympic Snowboarder

·          Tavi Gevinson , Fashion Blogger

·          Cindi Leive , Editor-in-Chief, Glamour Magazine

·          Brittany Lincicome , LPGA Golfer

·          Danica Patrick , Professional Race Car Driver

·          J.K. Rowling , Author and Businesswoman

·          Rachel Roy , Fashion Designer

·          Susan L. Taylor , Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Essence Magazine,
and Founder, National CARES Mentoring Movement

·          Marie C. Wilson , Founder & President, The White House Project”


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