Festival of Owls

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.]
If you were in Houston, Minnesota on March 5th -7th, perhaps you attended the International Festival of Owls (IFOO)?  Part of their mission “is to spark a personal connection to owls and the environments we share with them.”  The festival looks like a real “hoot!” –(Not to be confused with Florida’s own Carl Hiaasen’s book turned movie by the same name-Hoot -about the darling, endangered burrowing owls of the southern U.S. peninsula.)

Even if you missed the IFOO, the site is the wisest place to visit for “all things owl.”   It even includes an owl blog which shares stories of a rescue owl named Alice, provides information on the 2011 National Owl-a-Thon and even links about Harry Potter’s Hedwig and other magical owls of his universe.

But Alice doesn’t just have her own blog. She’s also the owl prompting the legal protection for Great Horned Owls in Minnesota. And her “hatch day” celebration grew from several friends to nearly 1,000 annual IFOO visitors, sparking plans to create a North American Owl Center in Houston. As a result, Alice will be inducted into the World Owl Hall of Fame for 2010. A wise owl, indeed!

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