Exercise at the Office Using Outlook

[Editor’s Note: This articles was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.]

Recently, while sitting in a relaxed position (O.K., more like slumped) over my keyboard, I read an interesting article about exercise by Doree Shafrir. She says, “Why spend hours at the gym when you can exercise on the road?” Well, that may work for commuters but what about me and all the rest of my road-less, work-at- home colleagues?

Yes, working remotely is convenient. We don’t fight traffic, pay tolls and we get to sleep later than those who drive or walk to a subway or bus stop (But why would we sleep late when we can get an early start on the day in our bathrobes?) Sadly, my only commute during the work day is an occasional stroll to the bathroom.

So, I wondered, is it possible to modify these commuter exercises to make them non-commuter exercises? More importantly, would I do them? Could we change Lacy Stone’s Classic Commuter Crunch to the Classic Computer Crunch?

Stone’s original is “done from the seat of a bus, train, or plane (or a car if someone else is doing the driving.)” Perhaps it can be done at the computer? “Start by sitting in a neutral position, with your feet hip-width apart and flat on the floor. Keeping your shoulders and neck relaxed, contract the lower abdominal muscles. Hold the lower abdominal contraction and engage your upper abs. Gently round the lower back and move your ribcage down toward your hips. Hold the contraction for 8 to 10 seconds, breathing normally, and return to a neutral sitting position. Repeat 8 to 12 times or until muscle fatigue.”

About.com has some office exercise suggestions which may be worth looking at.

WebMD has suggestions about how to Exercise at Your Desk, too many to list, but it’s promising because it says, “This at-work work out can help fit fitness into your schedule.” If you’re like me you may need a visual demonstration. My favorite tip is using a yoga/exercise ball for a chair. Fun!

The key is making time to exercise. You can schedule your time (in Outlook) for exercise just like you do a meeting. It just may change your “outlook!”

Now if I could only follow my own advice!


2 responses to “Exercise at the Office Using Outlook

  1. Jeryl Matlock


    Have you heard about the treadmill desk? Google it to find out more.

    • No, I have not heard of the “treadmill desk” but it sounds interesting and if in existence,it probably is beneficial to all users.

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