Our Potential for Greatness!

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen. Will deBock has also written about Shenk’s book at Rethinkinghighereducation.com.]

David Shenk , author of “The Genius in All of Us: Why Everything You’ve Been Told about Genetics, Talent, and IQ is Wrong” was on The Takeaway, “a national morning news program that invites listeners to be part of the American conversation.”  Hosts John Hockenberry and Celeste Headlee interviewed Shenk about his new book and even provide a sneak peek:  Shenk: Chapter 1

In this podcast of The Takeaway, Shenk says, “IQ has been improving in every generation.  Culture improves IQ.   Intelligence is a process, a cumulative gathering of skills that all of us can put together for our children . . . We all have the potential for greatness if we can muster the resources to get there.”

This reminded me of an article I read in a recent publication of Time magazine that suggests that our DNA is not our destiny.  “The answer lies beyond both nature and nurture . . . The new field of epigenetics is showing how your environment and your choices can influence your genetic code — and that of your kids.”


One response to “Our Potential for Greatness!

  1. Brent Campbell

    This work by Shenk is a real deal! It follows what “Find Your Bliss” by Thomas Campbell also says! A solid read!

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