Team Angle Bracket Story Video

The storytelling theme is working well here at the Innovations Lab. So well that we will continue it beyond the month of March; it will be an ongoing series.

At the end of February, I taught a seminar on Storytelling as Instructional Practice. If you would like to review the hour long session, please click here.

I also took the time to create an asynchronous version of one of the key stories I told during that session. Click play on the video below to here the story of “Team Angle Bracket” (approx 9 minutes long.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Click here for a larger video.


2 responses to “Team Angle Bracket Story Video

  1. Will,

    This is so @#&@!@ cool! A story, with characters, a plot (kind of), memorable characters. Being a dog lover, Pup is my favorite. And now I know what “woof” means!

    With kudos,


  2. I love this video, good job! I got it from my Kaplan Effective Online Instruction course. Do you have more Storytelling as Instructional Practice videos?

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