Sugar-on-Snow: Regional Culture

Up here in Vermont in late winter/early spring, the maple sap is starting to flow and the process of boiling down the sap is in full swing. (Yes! Real maple syrup comes from real trees.) It is during this time that we Vermonters have a tradition called a “sugar-on-snow” dinner.


  1. You make hand-made donuts.
  2. You boil maple syrup to about 224 234 degrees Fahrenheit, then pour it over a pan filled with densely packed snow. The syrup turns into the consistency of a soft candy taffy.
  3. You have good dill pickles handy to cut the sweetness.

Then you feast! It sounds strange, but it truly is wonderful!

Do you have a regional tradition that you would like our readers to know about?  Email Will ( and maybe you can write a blog article and tell us about it.

photos: Will deBock, 2003


4 responses to “Sugar-on-Snow: Regional Culture

  1. Donna Liljegren

    Drooling! We haven’t done this in years, but I have fond memories!

  2. Is that Corey and Aaron?

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