Utopian Culture Blossoms: Happy Spring!

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.]

“Feed me Seymour! Feed me all night long!” sings the bloodthirsty plant in Little Shop of Horrors. Jacquelyn London of Science Daily says, “Knowing what your plants need isn’t always this simple.” Simple? Don’t you mean deadly?

Some say talking to plants will help them flourish. MythBusters checked it out and although it may be plausible, with the help of technology we can now leave it to the plants to talk to us, just like the man-eater in Little Shop of Horrors, well, sort of…

Speaking of violence in horticulture, Kati London of Botanicalls addresses the concept of a “Utopian Culture ” where plants and humans work together non-violently (insert tongue in cheek). Kati explains that the Botanicalls System makes it possible for your plant to notify you through Twitter , text or call you to let you know it needs water. It will even leave a polite message to show you its gratitude.

Isn’t that tweet? Happy Spring!


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