Lights! Camera! YouTube?

[Editor’s Note:  This article was written by Laurie Hansen of the CTL. Some of the features on this site are suitable for a general audience; others are not so please use your discretion.  The Innovations Lab does not endorse any film, advertisements or views expressed within these works or on this site. ]

Love movies? Short on time (or attention span)? In the spirit of the 2010 82nd Academy Awards we’d like to mention the YouTube Screening Room. Although it may not be brand new, as NewTeeVee announced its launch in 2008, it does “showcase and distribute online high-quality short films from around the world — four shorts to be released every two weeks.”

Tune in to the YT Screening Room channel to experience Papiroflexia (Spanish for Origami). In this animated offering, which was a 2008 Cannes Film Festival official selection, “Fred, a chubby man with a passion for paper folding, wants to change the world with his art.”

And, introducing: Mr. Okra! In this film short featured in the Sundance film festival, you’ll encounter “New Orleans’ most colorful character: the charismatic vegetable salesman who provides a glimpse into the soul of an American city.” Laissez les bons temps rouler!


One response to “Lights! Camera! YouTube?

  1. I love it! so sweet 😉

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