The 1% Rule

From the blog eLearning Technology comes an interesting post about general participation in online collaborative environments. The concept is this: for every 100 people that sign up for a discussion board, wiki, blog, etc:

  • 90 will “lurk” (meaning just read)
  • 9 will post occasionally
  • 1 will post regularly

This is called the 1% Rule of Internet Culture.

I don’t think this 1% rule translates directly to the online classroom, but I am sure there is a similar pattern of higher lurkers vs. occasional and regular posters.

One response to “The 1% Rule

  1. This is really interesting!

    Have you read “Groundswell” by any chance? If not, definitely check it out. It is a comprehensive overview of social media & the way it impacts business. In one section, the authors describe the levels of participation & also the motivations and types of participation in social media. There are some really interesting insights there, too.

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