Every click, a gift!

In 2005, University of Iowa researchers modeled the number of publicly available pages (the indexed web) and estimated the number to be 11.5 billion pages! As of today, worldwidewebsize.com estimates the size of the web to be 19.92 billion pages.

Bottom-line: There are a lot, I mean a lot, of choices for the users of the web!

As a blogger, Twitter-er, an occasional Facebooker and online teacher, I think about all those pages a lot. Sometime I feel overwhelmed that folks would actively choose to click on a link that I post, or open up an email from the Innovations Lab. Of all choices that you have on the Internet, you are right here, right now! Thank you.

To this end, I think I have defined my philosophy of posts (blog articles, Twitter posts, etc.):

Every click is a gift!

My Goal: I strive to make every post valuable even if in only some small way. Every re-tweet and link should contain something that you didn’t have before. In return, you are giving me the gift of your attention and time, the most precious thing that any of us have! Thank you!


5 responses to “Every click, a gift!

  1. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate each reader.

  2. A big thank you to you as well, Will. I have followed the IL blog for a quite a while now and have always found it to be an invaluable source of information.

    • Thanks Barnaby! You guys over in Dublin started following the IL in the early days! The early support of the blog really made a difference — during the days when it felt like I was only talking to myself!


      Will in Vermont!

  3. Bob Pocklington

    Every Click is a gift, but with over 19 billion estimated pages out there I think we are seeing “Web Pollution”. This is similar to space junk. Pages that are inactive, incorrect, or useless and left to float senselessly,

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