If “Geek Barbie” needs a role model, I have a suggestion…

Barbie is iconic; Barbie stirs strong opinions. Regardless of one’s opinion, Barbie is becoming a Computer Engineer! Here’s an interesting article from The New York Times about her career move.

Barbie, if you need a role model, the late Rear Admiral Dr. Grace Murray Hopper probably would be a good one.

Among her many accomplishments:

  • received a PhD in Mathematics from Yale,
  • was instrumental in the development of the COBOL programming language,
  • coined the term “computer bug” after the discovery of a moth in Harvard’s Mark II computer
  • honored by the naming of the USS Hopper guided missile destroyer!

You go Admiral!


3 responses to “If “Geek Barbie” needs a role model, I have a suggestion…

  1. Elissa Grunblatt

    Barbie couldn’t do better than looking like this lady.

  2. Just for fun!

    Barbie might not have called herself a computer geek 13 years ago, but she was already computer savvy. In 1997, Mattel produced “Talk with Me” Barbie, which came complete with a programmable Barbie, a computer and computer desk, and a CD which allowed her to be programmed to talk with “friends”, so she was definitely living the technology! I wonder who would have been a good role model for her then! See her at:

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