[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen!]

The American Museum of Natural History presents: OLogy!

Everyone knows that “ology” means “a science or branch of knowledge.” Well, this OLogy is an interactive site that will keep kids (and adults) busy for hours with everything science from Anthropology to Zoology. The site includes a plethora of science facts, videos, activities and more! Kids can submit questions in the “Ask a Scientist” section and you can get info about the American Museum of Natural History itself such as tickets, shows and exhibits, just in case you’ll be visiting soon.

You explore the OLogy site as a non-member or you can join (for free) and enjoy special features. In order to sign up you need to choose a first and last name from a menu. I chose “Zesty Scorpion” (don’t ask). Then the system adds numbers to the end of your new first and last name.

Here is what they say the benefits of joining are:

  • Get your own homepage to keep track of your activities and cards you’ve collected. You can even change the style of your page!
  • Start a Card collection: Find the asterisks throughout the site. When you do, click on an asterisk and you can add a card to your OLogy card collection.\
  • Make projects using OLogy cards including “stumper” quizzes, classifying your cards or make story starters.
  • Submit projects to the Hall of Fame
  • Visit the Hall of Fame; maybe your project will win and be on display!

I am going to check out “Make it!” in the Earth section and make my own weather station- I hope to predict rain because OLogy can easily keep one busy for an entire rainy weekend!

Oh, and don’t miss the video interviews: “Meet the Ologist”- Very cool!



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