Managing Your Social Networks

[Editor’s Note: Social Networks often involve sharing information about oneself in a public venue. The Innovations Lab recommends that you fully investigate any social networking services you intend to use. This article was written by Laurie Hansen.]

Who has time for Second Life? I don’t even have time for my first life! Although I do not have a Facebook page and I do not Tweet, I have been known to follow a few on The main reason I have not maintained profiles on many (any) web-based social networks is time, or lack thereof. I felt validated when I read the bold heading of (a site subtitled, “the women’s tech knowledge connection”) Nelly Yusupova’s post “The biggest challenge for most people in managing social networks is TIME.Amen to that! suggests that you schedule social network managing into your day. Merely creating accounts and managing profiles can also be time consuming.

IL hasn’t tried all the tools for managing your social networks, but here are a few that we’ve heard about:

Kristin Burnham also show us 7 tools to better manage your social networks.

A “low-tech” alternative is suggested by Get-It-Done-Guy, “Have your profile on other social networking sites simply refer people to your main site. … Just say, ‘See my LinkedIn profile at’ [using your own info, of course] and put all the good stuff in your LinkedIn profile.”

So there you go! Now you have 10 new tools and one bonus low-tech alternative to help manage your social networks!



4 responses to “Managing Your Social Networks

  1. Thanks for these links and suggestions! This is an ongoing issue for me and a recent topic of conversation among my colleagues. I agree that setting these sites up and learning how to manage them can be time consuming, but I am quick to encourage everyone to give them a try…one at a time. There is a lot to be gained in terms of professional development and networking. I am looking forward to exploring Minggl, NutshellMail and Yoonoo.

    • Hi Melissa!

      As one of the colleagues you mentioned, I like to say that social networking has the potential to promote a professional persona that is not “visible” to the eye–however critically important! I’d love to be able to integrate it as an online CV type of thing via social networking.

      Likewise, I’m just learning about second life. I’m wondering if that has potential to help build the professional persona??

      It’s all cool.


      • Melissa Venable

        Hi Shelly!
        I like the idea of an online professional persona. There are certainly some social networking tools I use more with family and friends (Facebook) and others where I am more focused on work related topics (Twitter, LinkedIn). Have you tried putting together a Visual CV? This is a free online tool that’s worth a look.

        I agree – “It’s all cool” 😉

      • Melissa Venable

        Hi Shelly!
        I like the idea of building a professional persona online, and find that I tend to keep the professional and personal somewhat separate when using various social networks. Have you tried VisualCV? ( It’s definitely worth a look.

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