Stylin’ at Etsy

[Editor’s Note: The Innovations Lab does not endorse specific merchants or vendors.  This post is informational. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Just saying!  This article was written by Marla Cartwright.]

Etsy defines itself as “your place to buy & sell all things handmade” and it’s the coolest place on the web to shop for everything handmade. Not only can you buy the usual artistic items like knitted, crocheted and sewn items, but also handmade crafts supplies like patterns, sewing accessories, handmade needles and hand dyed yarns. But the selection doesn’t stop there — Etsy also offers gorgeous art glass items, lush photography, vintage clothing, and even fun, silly items to make you smile.

Having so much to choose from can be overwhelming, though. Smartly, Etsy offers several ways to search seller’s wares. One way is to search by categories like “candles“, “furniture“, “quilts“, “art“, “geekery” and cutely, “everything else“.

But my personal favorite search tool is the “colors” option– it’s like sliding down a rainbow! You just mouse over the tonally arranged dots then click your color. Great way to accessorize.

Etsy also caters to the sellers, offering support like the “featured sellers” spotlighting sellers with an interview offering a glimpse into their creative process and inspiration.

So whether you’re buying, selling or window shopping, Etsy is a fun, funky place to check out!


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