Classroom Insights: Marketing to Millennials

Here is a neat article about marketing to “millennials” by Carol Phillips an adjunct marketing professor at Notre Dame.  Her specialization is in marketing to GenY (or the millennial generation), and she clearly has her focus on new media and social networks.

In an interesting twist in her article Lessons from the Classroom, she reflects on what she has learned in the classroom and how that is relevant to reaching the younger generation generally.  She lists five principles that “cross over” from teaching to marketing.

  1. The Right Text
  2. Bite-Sized Learning
  3. Participatory
  4. Multi-Media
  5. Relevance

In my opinion, these are just good instructional practices regardless of who you are trying to reach in the classroom.

It might seem strange to those of us who teach primarily, but Phillip’s insight is interesting:

Teaching and marketing have a lot in common. Marketers must understand your target, have clear objectives and strategies for engagement, and a measurable outcome.


One response to “Classroom Insights: Marketing to Millennials

  1. Will:

    Thanks for the shout out. Yes, I suppose you are right that these practices are not generationally-specific. Yet the difference is that my generation will still pay attention to a lecture, while this generation has less tolerance for ‘old school’ methods.

    Carol Phillips

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