Carrying a torch for someone?

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Laurie Hansen!]

This February will you be carrying a torch for someone? No, we’re not talking about that red-heart holiday; we mean something bigger and better, something of Olympian proportions.

February 12, 2010 Torch Relay: Relais de la Flamme. According to the official Olympic site, the “Olympic flame will ignite the rest of the world” as the Olympic Cauldron is lit in Vancouver.

The Winter Olympics begin February 12th and ends February 28th. You may follow the Olympic Torch on the Interactive Map as well as participate in other activities hosted by the site.

From the video gallery: Olympic Torch Relay Highlights days 64-70.  Considering the location, Vancouver seems like a very warm place. Glowing hearts indeed!

And here’s an interesting factoid: Did you know that the torchbearers will have the opportunity to purchase the torch they carry?

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One response to “Carrying a torch for someone?

  1. Marla Cartwright

    Hi Laurie,

    What a nice summary on the upcoming Olympics! And I love the mascots — they’re so cute!


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