Hello World!

Hello World!

Starting today, the Kaplan University Center for Teaching and Learning will be making its faculty development blog (The Innovations Lab blog) available to folks outside the Kaplan Faculty community!

The Innovations Lab Blog is a professional development tool for teachers to learn about innovative, empowering technology and best teaching practices that may enhance their classroom effectiveness. We research, write about and demo new technologies, as well as investigate trends in education and digital culture. Sometimes we just like to have fun and share things that have piqued our interest!

We don’t endorse products; we provide information!

The blog has been active for over a year. We publish articles on an almost daily basis. The best way to “follow” the blog is to subscribe by RSS or by email. (Click here for the email subscription service through Google’s Feedburner service.)


6 responses to “Hello World!

  1. Will and others,

    It’s good to see that the IL blog will be made available outside the Kaplan community since this blog will be of interest to many educators outside Kaplan. And if Kaplan is to be an influential leader in higher education, they can’t keep all this information to themselves, can they?

    It’s amazing how much technology there is available these days that we can use in our teaching and have fun with, and the IL does a great job of keeping us updated on much of this new stuff! Keep it going, Will!

    Jonathan Groves
    KU Math Faculty

  2. Congratulations Will and Team!


  3. Congratulations, now the rest of the world can enjoy this great blog. We recently took our teaching and learning blog http://dublinbrownbag.blogspot.com/ live and so far so good!

  4. Thank you Orna! You guys are in Dublin, I believe! I just started subscribing to your blog last week! I like the creativity!


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