Exhibit: The Places We Live

“The Places We Live Exhibition” is currently on display at The National Building Museum in Washington, DC. According to the website, it is Jonas Bendiksen’s multimedia documentation of life in slums all over the world.

The Places We Live is the companion website for the exhibition. It is a rich, vibrant (yet simple to use) multimedia presentation of Bendiksen’s work. The photography is stunning and the oral histories are moving. Click on the image below to access the web exhibit.

You start with an introduction, then you choose a city to explore. After an overview of that city, you can click into individual stories and use the 360 viewer to scan around the place.


2 responses to “Exhibit: The Places We Live

  1. “The Places We Live” is just stunning! The presentation medium is amazing. This coupled with the subject and the amazing photos and audio stories make it so magnificent. Now that is story-telling 21st Century Style!

    Thank you as always for sharing!

    Dawn Giannoni

  2. Maggie Broderick

    Thanks so much for this link. It truly is amazing and enlightening. I shared the link on my Facebook page, and so many of my friends also appreciated it, too. Maggie

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