Cellphone Novels

It dices! It slices! You can even read a novel on it. Well, maybe your cell phone isn’t a kitchen tool (yet), but cell phones are changing the world as we know it. Hardcover novels and paperbacks are competing more and more with the digital world. And now, you can read a novel on your cell phone. In a recent podcast, NPR’s host of Morning Edition, Steve Inskeep, states: “10 years ago few people imagined that by decades end people would be reading novels on cell phones.”

Listen more about it here: How E-Books Will Change Reading And Writing

I think it is a cool idea. In comparison to its cumbersome counterpart, the hardcover book, cell phones are light, convenient, and portable. However, I find the display may be bothersome for some, me included, as I can no longer take advantage of caller ID unless my reading glasses are nearby. Now where did I put them?

It seems that the Japanese are the pioneers of the cell phone novel. However, there are some available in English. The Librarian and Information Science News blog boasts, “You can get books packaged up for phones [in English] free from http://www.booksinmyphone.com.

Offerings mainly include classic public domain titles, but you can also find some modern creative commons stuff. The books come in a nice reader program that you can install directly from the mobile version of the site.”

Some handy booksinmyphone.com program features:

  1. Adjustable font size settings – make the letters bigger or smaller according to your personal preference.
  2. Night-vision mode – makes it easy to read in a dark room.
  3. Chapter navigation -navigate the book by chapter.
  4. Pause & Auto-resume function – automatically pauses and resumes to accommodate incoming calls.
  5. Auto-bookmark – you never have to remember where you’re up to in the book

Isn’t that a novel idea? [Pun intended.]


[Editor’s Note: This article was written by CTL Faculty Development Coordinator, Laurie Hansen.]

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