Stunning Satellite Photos

60 images from the Landsat 7 satellite.

Delta Region, Netherlands

Many of them remind me of water color paintings.


4 responses to “Stunning Satellite Photos

  1. Laurie Hansen (Patti-Dillon)


    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! My faves are Dasht-e Kevir, Ganges River Delta and Lake Disappointment. Most of the ones I am drawn to involve salt. Odd, no?


  2. Nice start to the day, Will. There are some wonderful fractal scenes here. I wonder what would be revealed if we could use the full resolution technology we are capable of? Soon!

  3. Hello Will,

    What amazing art work! Awesome, thank you for sharing.
    My favorite pieces were the Ocean Sand in the Bahamas, The Himalayas and the Mississippi River Delta.
    I stand in awe of our wonderful world!


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