Keep your child busy as a bee

[Editor’s Note: This is a “Weekend Web” article with a focus on family resources. It was researched and written by Laurie Hansen. Hope you enjoy!]

Jamey Aiken of Palm Breeze Café, an online resource sponsored by Palm Beach County Schools, describes as “a warehouse of activities for students… from the age of 2-12.” The is a free site that includes “games, quizzes or activities and movies based on educational standards or subjects” designed for kids from Pre-K to 6th grade. The site is free but also has additional (optional) features as part of a paid service. includes a social network for kids, complete with an area for a buddy list and a child-safe message system that is fully contained on the site. The system only allows messages with pre-selected statements kids can choose from, much like the popular Webkinz site. My 9 year old daughter tried out and she was immediately drawn to the area where she was able to create an avatar and link to friends. Kids can also earn points in the “Bee Hive”, although this is part of the aforementioned paid service. Since our family is somewhat musical, I was happy to see an area where kids can compose music. The program even prints out your child’s original sheet music!

Another great feature is the forum where parents and teachers can participate and share ideas on the site. Parents and teachers may also create quizzes and monitor their child’s progress on the site. A teacher’s (or parent’s) guide is also included.

Special considerations: You will need Adobe Shockwave to run the program. Also, many advertisements and banners exist on the site but the subscription-based version allows you to skip these.


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