Fly with your iPhone!

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by CTL Faculty Development Coordinator, Laurie Hansen.]

Did you think it was cool that Google Maps could display your house on a map from a satellite view? Well get this: if you had the Parrot AR Drone, you could have flown over to Vegas to the International C.E.S. (Consumer Electronics Show) this past weekend to check out all the latest technology the world has to offer for 2010.

Controlled from your iPhone, the Parrot AR Drone has a video camera mounted on front and beams the image to your iPhone.

The company’s forum notes that,

The video codec is a simplified motion JPEG that will be included in the SDK source code so you can develop your own recording application. We should release it within a few weeks. In a later stage we plan to provide a high-definition camera for photography applications that will be compatible with the payload and stabilization capabilities of the AR.Drone.

Or click here.

Beam me up, Parrot!


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