“Most. Awesome. Teacher. Ever.”

Editor’s Note: Another post from Laurie Hansen. Thanks so much Laurie!

Now I see why many individuals, including myself, choose teaching as a profession. While imparting knowledge of a stringent, logical topic, such as mathematics, we have license to pepper our delivery of instruction with creativity and wit in order to amaze our audience and create an environment ready for learning. That’s just what Matthew Weathers did for his Nature of Math class at Biola University last Halloween.

I think this Youtube text comment sums it up best:

“Most. Awesome. Teacher. Ever.”

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind having my chairperson read that type of comment on my next student survey.

This video is inspiring as well as entertaining! Check this out- if you dare! Muah! Ha! Ha!



2 responses to ““Most. Awesome. Teacher. Ever.”

  1. Laurie,
    I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. Wish I had a fun math teacher like that. Love the Halloween scary picture.
    It just proves that one can be creative doing almost anything. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Jonathan Groves

    Laurie and others,

    I had meant to comment earlier, but time got away from me.

    This math teacher is definitely entertaining! I enjoyed watching his highly creative presentation. Who says math isn’t creative or that math teachers must be boring as heck?

    And some have called me entertaining, but this one is far more entertaining than I am!

    I do wonder where he had gotten those images of himself so that there were two of him there at once. That’s definitely an entertaining way to illustrate 1=2.

    I have been called funny by many, and I do try to make math and life fun. Many of my students do enjoy my jokes, but some haven’t. Oh, well, we don’t all have the same sense of humor.

    Some of my students like my joke about something making dollars is better than something making sense (cents)! And they like my joke about how a mean math teacher can also be friendly at the same time because “mean” here refers to “average” instead.

    Another one I had come up with recently in tutoring for the Math Center, and I will try to remember to use it in my teaching this coming 1001A term is this one: Whatever you do to one side of an equation in solving it, do that to the other side as well. The student I was tutoring was making the mistake of not adding the number to both sides of the equation but to one side only. Be fair because if you add or multiply something on one side but not the other, the other side will complain that you’re not being fair: “How come you did that to him and not to me? That’s not fair!”

    Who says math can’t be fun? For mathematicians, them’s fightin’ words!

    Jonathan Groves
    KU Math Faculty
    KUMC Math Tutor

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