New Idea! IL Monthly Themes.

Happy New Year again!

As I have mentioned before, 2010 will be the year of collaboration for me and the Innovations Lab.  To that end, I will be testing out a new idea.  Each month, the IL will focus some of its energies on a theme. We will have 3-4 blog posts on that theme, perhaps a live event on that theme and perhaps it will be part of the podcast series also.

I will create a wiki workspace (through Google Sites) and ask folks to join me to research, record and write about the topic (during the month prior to the theme.)

Let me be practical.  In February, I want the IL theme to be Storytelling.  So later this week I will open up a collaborative workspace (through Google Sites) for people to help me research and create blog posts and other media on the topic.  It will be a protected site and I will need to give you access to the site.  (Watch for an announcement of the collaborative site for Storytelling later this week.)

I also want your input about themes that you would like to see covered this year.  Ideas I have had include: “What Higher Ed can Learn from K-12 Education”, “Motivation”, “Personal Productivity”, etc.  Let me know your ideas.

Click on the image below to open up the online suggestion box form.

Thanks in advance!


2 responses to “New Idea! IL Monthly Themes.

  1. This is fabulous Will– Wowee! I love the idea of doing a little collaborative research on ideas– yeah! I got in and posted to your Google docs spreadsheet —want to explore and collaborate more on the neurobiology of learning based on the emergent research in one of those months coming up.


  2. Melissa Venable

    Hi Will, I added to your spreadsheet as well. I am interested in fair use guidelines, copy rights etc. as applied to an online educational environment. Also – Personal Learning Networks. Looking forward to participating in this new way. 🙂

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