NYT: Why Twitter will endure.

Nice article from the NYT about Twitter on New Years Day.

Two things stuck out for me.

1) Plumbing: Technology that becomes like plumbing endures.  Meaning:  simple, in the background and essential.  Quote Steven Johnson, the article says:

“The history of the Internet suggests that there have been cool Web sites that go in and out of fashion and then there have been open standards that become plumbing, ” …  “Twitter is looking more and more like plumbing, and plumbing is eternal.”

2) Wired collective voice. The author of the article writes:

Like many newbies on Twitter, I vastly overestimated the importance of broadcasting on Twitter and after a while, I realized that I was not Moses and neither Twitter nor its users were wondering what I thought. Nearly a year in, I’ve come to understand that the real value of the service is listening to a wired collective voice.

I agree.


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