Predicting it will be 2010!

OK, I am not so good with predictions.  Truth be told, I don’t particularly like the literary form of predictions that is so prevalent this time of year.  (Maybe because I am a grumpy old New Englander, I don’t know.  :))  But the folks (editors, writers, etc) from ReadWriteWeb wrote an interesting post about predictions for 2010.  (RWW is a pretty good blog to follow, if you don’t already.)

Here are a few of their predictions:

Microsoft will acquire Wolfram|Alpha and Bing will continue to make small gains in the search market. Google will be distracted by increasing consumer complaints about content farms polluting Google search results.

Google will partner with a large PC manufacturer from Asia, which will launch an inexpensive netbook powered by Chrome OS in the U.S. market. It will become a hot consumer item among school kids and university students.

A new social network will rise to join the big ones. It may offer the privacy that Facebook is moving away from; it may be mobile and location-centric; it may focus on personal content recommendations.

Skype becomes increasingly pervasive, as the younger generations force their parents to get online, and consumers find new and interesting ways to cut costs and save money.

The growth of Internet of Things continues, RFID tags in everything. The initial bugs will make funny things happen all around us.

In any case, I hope you all have a great New Year — hopefully a New Year that will include the Innovations Lab!


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