TalkBack! (And a Podcast Update!)

The Innovations Lab Podcast is going to be piloted in January and February 2010.  Yeehaw!

One re-occuring part of the Podcast will be called: TalkBack! Each month we will pose a question to the IL community, and will give you an opportunity to be part of the Podcast through a comment-line that I set up.

The question this month is:

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

You can leave an Audio Response at the IL comment line.

The IL Question of the Month Comment Line:

In general, the basic outline for the Innovations Lab Podcast looks like this:

Each episode would be 10 to 15 minutes long.  There would be themes that reoccur on a monthly basis.  The line-up would be:

  1. Talk Back.  We pose a question to the IL community and allow them to record their answers on a “comment-line.”  Those answers are then edited together to create an episode.
  2. Interview.  A one-on-one interview with creative and innovative educators from inside KU and outside of KU
  3. Book Review. Leveraging the Book Discussion Group, this would be either an interview with the discussion leader or a group discussion with people who attended the Book Discussion Group.
  4. IL Round-up. Promos and highlights from IL and CTL live events.
  5. EdTech Review. A group round table discussion about the news and trends in EdTech.  (3-4 folks would be part of the Review each time.)


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