“…the nation’s economy is going to need more cool nerds” – Two Articles from the NYT

Two interesting stories from the New York times today.

New Programs Aim to Lure Young Into Digital Jobs.” This is an interesting article about the changing face of computer science teaching and curriculum.  The critical part is that “computing” is not just a specialization but new jobs and careers will come from hybrid approaches to using technology to solve real-world challenges.

Hybrid careers like Dr. Halamka’s that combine computing with other fields will increasingly be the new American jobs of the future, labor experts say. In other words, the nation’s economy is going to need more cool nerds. But not enough young people are embracing computing — often because they are leery of being branded nerds. [emphasis added.]

I would say that that will be true with teaching (all levels) in the future also.  To not put too fine a point on it: this is one of the reasons that the Innovations Lab exists.

Studying Young Minds, and How to Teach Them.”  This is an interesting article that talks about how cognitive neuroscience is starting to be understood and applied in real-world settings like preschools.

Teaching is an ancient craft, and yet we really have had no idea how it affected the developing brain,” said Kurt Fischer, director of the Mind, Brain and Education program at Harvard. “Well, that is beginning to change, and for the first time we are seeing the fields of brain science and education work together.

Kaplan’s Chief Learning Officer will be presenting a live event on Tuesday January 12th on “Cognitive Learning.” I am looking forward to that presentation.


One response to ““…the nation’s economy is going to need more cool nerds” – Two Articles from the NYT

  1. I am proud to be approaching the title “Tech Geek”

    I agree that it is a positive description!

    I enjoy getting daily work from IL, motivates me to try new things!

    Thanks Will!


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