Must see: IL Retrospective 2009

I created this “wix” notebook to reflect on and celebrate what we have accomplished through the Innovations Lab in 2009.

Click on the image below to open the notebook.  Then click on the bottom corner of the pages to flip through the notebook.

Then, add your comments to the retrospective through this VoiceThread.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Click here for a larger version of the VoiceThread.

2 responses to “Must see: IL Retrospective 2009

  1. Josette Valtierra

    I just went to the archives and watched the retrospective. It made me sad that I’d missed the live version and that I’d missed so many IL CTL productions. I believe this is an extremely valuable thing. Jing has been extremely useful to me. The students seem to really love it. I have used it in my announcements and for clarification about assignments and even as an addendum to the audio lecture! I love this stuff!

    I am ready to learn more and use more tools that you guys introduce to us. It gets me out of a rut and any other way that I can impart information and make learning more fun and definitely more cool for my students is 100% fabulous to me!

    I look forward to 2010!

  2. I love this WIX. It is so cool!

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