Be Heard! What we are reading this year!

Yesterday I put a comment line number on the blog and asked folks to tell me what their favorite books and movies of the year were. I combined them into a pseudo-partial-prototype audio file/podcast. I liked hearing what folks had to say and what their choices were, but I also liked the sense of “community” it gave me.

I think this has some promise.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Musical intro and outro by Van Davis — One Question at a Time!

Let me know what you think!



4 responses to “Be Heard! What we are reading this year!

  1. Melissa Venable

    Awesome! Hearing the contributors share their favorites in their own voices adds a little something extra. 🙂 The applause track was nice, too. Thanks for putting this together and for sharing on the blog. Maybe I’ll give ‘Team of Rivals’ another try and I definitely want to see ‘Up’.

  2. Very cool, Will!! I love it. I may steal a page from your book for the KU Winter Retreat’s Gen Ed Fair. I love this. Thanks for your work on this project. Fascinating stuff.


  3. Erica Ellsworth

    So cool Will! This was awesome to hear why people liked the books and movies. Thanks for the great idea!!

  4. Hi- I tried calling this number but the call failed.
    My book choice may not be scholarly but I just wanted something light last summer for my beach vacation. My favorites books were Twilight and New Moon. As far as something more literary, I loved/hated “The Road”. I couldn’t put it down, but the story line was upsetting.

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