Bubbl.us (mindmapping) with IL Podcast as example

I am so pleased with the response to my post about a potential IL Podcast.  The comments have been great (and I’d love more of them!)  As I was sorting through and thinking about the podcast idea and the comments, I created a mindmap to help me organize my thoughts and the input.  I used bubbl.us to organize my thoughts quickly.  Here is a screenshot of what I created:

And here is a screencast walk through of the map I created.   The first part is about the content; the second is about the tool that I used.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’ll see you on the web!


3 responses to “Bubbl.us (mindmapping) with IL Podcast as example

  1. Hi Will,

    Thanks for sharing the Bubble Us mapping tool. I am going to share this with my Academic Strategies students as well as we get into that Unit area! Also, perfect for organizing with the Blog and for communicating the areas you/we are looking at.


  2. Hi Will.
    So many wonderful ideas!Great organizing tool!
    Like Dawn, I immediately saw the value of Bubbl.us for students. In Composition, we use pre-writing strategies before writing a research paper and this would be a great graphic organizer tool.
    Thanks so much.

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