Weekend Web Project: Free Hugs, Chair Dancing, Charlie and the Anthropology of YouTube.

weekendweb_thinlogoThis really  is not really a project, but I have been thinking a lot about YouTube and internet video.  Not the technical aspects, but rather the social, political and cultural aspects of the phenomenon.  So I decided to watch Kansas State anthropologist, Michael Wesch’s talk to the Library of Congress in 2008.  It is long (55 mins) and some parts are more fun than others, but I am glad that I did.

To clip a stat from Wesch: in 60 years the broadcast networks produced 1.5 million hours of programming.  YouTube does that every 6 months!!!  And 88%  of that content is original, user-generated content.

Here is his talk:

Here are some of the original clips that he mentions in his talk:

Free Hugs

Numa Numa

Charlie Bit My Finger:


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