Net Neutrality. Open Internet.

Important topic particularly for educators.

Wikipedia article on Net Neutrality.


3 responses to “Net Neutrality. Open Internet.

  1. Wow! Open internet is so critical to the world. Trying to place restrictions would no doubt interfere with the free flow of information. The FBI cyber crimes division currently has free reign to police the internet, but does that policing power help or hinder internet users from sharing information? I know this is a hot topic in Washington. I would be interested in everyone’s opinion. Where do we go from here?

  2. Wow! is right. Good to post both the video and the website. The website provides more info on both sides: for and against net neutrality regulation. As I watched and read I quickly came to the conclusion that I don’t know enough about how the Internet ‘works’. I don’t know enough about the infrastructure and how information is passed to make the call. This is an area in which we may all need to develop some expertise, especially as educators.

  3. This is good to pass around. I put it on my blog (embeded), I hope others support freedom and innovation.

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