Zittrain: “The Web as random acts of kindness”

Harvard Professor, Jonathan Zittrain, author of The Future of the Internet — and How to Stop it gave an interesting TED Talk about how the Web works fundamentally because kindness of people.

It is a worthwhile 19 mins!

2 responses to “Zittrain: “The Web as random acts of kindness”

  1. This is very inspiring! I checked out the site Couchsurfers site that Zittrain mentioned. It is pretty amazing… one CS couple made it possible for a young person to visit his brother, a trip he could otherwise never afford. Definitely worth viewing this TED!

    Thanks Will!

  2. I loved this TED video, Will! Thanks for sharing this. Zittrain does a fantastic job explaining how altruism does thrive in the internet community. I remember as an anthropology undergraduate when one of my professors said there was no such thing as altruistic behavior; that everything we do is rooted in need and self preservation. I think the internet could counter this idea greatly.

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