Do you Jelly?

jellyI heard about Jelly a few months ago.  I was invited to a “jelly”, but I wasn’t able to make it.

So even with those few lines above, you might think that I have gone off the deep end.  But I haven’t — let me explain.

A “jelly” is an informal, “co-working” event voluntarily hosted by folks across the country.  It is for folks who mainly work-at-home and once in a while want a more social environment to work from.  So someone opens up a space and invites others to come along and work there too — for the day.

Wired magazine describes it like this:

Jelly meetings are a way for folks who usually work at home to get out of the house, find kindred workers to collaborate with, or simply to socialize — without having to commit to the gym-like membership setup of most of the country’s coworking arrangements, where rented office spaces feel much like a traditional workplace and require a regular financial commitment beyond the means of most freelancers. Indeed, the term “office” can happily be avoided all together with Jelly. Unlike most coworking setups, Jelly exists for only one day every other week, and it’s free.

Even an old curmudgeon like me can see the value in a Jelly.

Here is the official Jelly website (and here is a Web Worker Daily recent article) and below is a movie about it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 responses to “Do you Jelly?

  1. Michaella Hammond

    Will, this is awesome! I just jumped on Jelly and hopefully I’ll be involved in the St. Louis Jelly before not too long. I’ll keep you posted on what I find out. Did you start a Jelly near your neck of the woods?

  2. Will, this is great! I love the idea of co-mingling. I am going to keep checking it out.

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