A Happiness Plan?

I thought this was a good question to start a Monday morning.  We plan everything, but do we ever consider a plan to maximize our happiness?  The folks at lifehack.org have a nice little article on the topic.

I liked how the author framed the topic:

We create plans to build wealth. And plans to lose weight. Plans for our dream home. Future plans. Travel plans. We plan the academic path that will lead to our ideal career. Or so we think. We plan our wedding (well, some do). Our marriage. Our family (2.3 kids and a Golden Retriever). It seems we have a plan for pretty much anything that’s remotely important in our lives, so why wouldn’t we have a plan for the thing which drives us all: a desire to be happy? Perhaps we think we’ll find it in all our other plans? That is, happiness will be the net result of all the other.. stuff.

I hope you all have a great week!



One response to “A Happiness Plan?

  1. Will,
    You touched on an issue I have been pondering for a long time. We need to find our bliss, that which brings joy to our lives. Often it is not completely found in our careers, our families, or the “stuff” we accumulate. As Carolyn Myss suggests, we find our passion in recognizing our own creativity and honoring it. We were all born to use our creative instincts to express our greater truth. I suppose we can ask the question Dr. Chopra posed in one of his books – “Have you found your bliss today?” Maybe it’s not a plan, but a way of living life one day at a time, making commitments to ourselves and honoring them on a daily basis.
    Good thought to start the week.

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