Rethinking Higher Education


Did you know that some executives at Kaplan are also bloggers?  Barry Currier, David Clinefelter, Beth Berselli and Peter Smith maintain a blog called Rethinking Higher Education.  It is evolving into a really good read; they seem to be hitting their stride.

I like the commentary on the big, current articles in the higher education press.  The best articles weave personal insights and commentary on the current debate about the global trends in higher ed .  Here is an example from Barry Currier called Riding the Wave of the Future:

Five years ago I joined Concord, Kaplan’s online law school, as Dean and Professor after thirty years in the traditional law school world. Colleagues said that I was part of the “wave of the future.” Like surfing (and life in general), in the rethinking of higher education, timing matters. I trusted that I was preparing to meet a big wave just as it began to break, looking for that exciting, long, and satisfying ride. Too far out, in advance of the wave, there’s nothing to catch; too late, one can get buried in an avalanche of water and foam. I am pleased that online learning is evolving rapidly and making progress in legal education.

Thanks for putting this out there guys!



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