Web 2.0: May We Live in Interesting Times!!!!

mikeHi, it’s Mike…

In the midst of on-going daily commitments, I spent yesterday attending the online live feed of the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. Sessions will continue on today and the on-demand videos are available at available at http://tv.web2summit.com/.

I nearly fell out of my chair as I listened to Jeff Immelt speak about the present and the future:

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2768590&dest=-1]

As we continue to think about the challenges of our world, we also have to realize how truly global our world is. Our University is continuing to expand as we heard at the KU Forum. What I found especially startling was when he reminded us that the World will not wait for America anymore. As our Provost reminded us during KU Village, the changing face of education presents immense challenges that we’re going to have to deal with..and we will be talking about here in this forum.

This 28 Minutes was one of the most worthwhile twenty minutes I have spent in a while. Of all the things he talked about, the one thing that truly had the “wow” effect for me was V-Cast, a ultra-sound that is the same size as a Blackberry that is slated to be shipped next year that supposedly cost some 250,000 Dollars two years ago. Our challenge as we move our University to the next level is to continue to change the conversation and live up to our motto to be a “different school of thought”. We can learn a lot from GE as it works to transform itself and tear away from the legacy business practices that has hampered its growth.

GE seems to understand what it takes…


2 responses to “Web 2.0: May We Live in Interesting Times!!!!

  1. Mike, I am on board with you. I recently heard about something that also took me back….but only for a moment. Boy I think that we really do need to wake up and see that we need to be the leaders in our thinking. I was reading about something put out by the IEEE regarding Funeral Webcasts. In the past I have been involved in administrative hearings throughout the United States and its territories and at the time I was really pushing for hearings to be done by Webcast. It had some broad implications for how easily we could save time, money, and above all…stress if we stopped long enough to at least consider adopting this kind of technology. Our representatives would be on the road for three days, two hotel stays, and a car rental for a one hour hearing that was sometimes delayed to another day! Same concept….Bring the mountain to Mohamed…not the other way around! Here is that article.


  2. Hi there,

    Appreciate the thoughts…

    The need to “think different” is ever more crucial!!


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