Ask the IL! Getting started with video!

050710_will_ilsmallI am starting to get a lot of email questions from faculty all over the University.  That is great!  But knowing that others might have the same questions (we all know that is true in a classroom setting), I will answer some of these as they come in and post as blog articles.  I think this might be useful.

Video is a hot topic right now and I have gotten questions like this:

Q: How do I get started creating videos and using Teacher Tube?

A: The TeacherTube site is down this morning for me anyway. But that is ok, because I want to focus on the process here and not specific tools.

Generally with video sharing sites there are two ways to get video up there.

1) If they allow recording directly through the web site, generally you just have to plug your camera in (some cams you have to install software with it) and just click the record button on the site. Brooke Benton did a nice session on using a tool called to create announcements. Below is a link to the archive of the presentation and of her ppt.

Brooke’s presentation and archive are here. also allows you to record directly through the web application.

2) Another feature of video sharing site is the ability to host videos that you have created on your own computer… through tools like Windows Movie Maker. Here is a session that I held on Windows Movie Maker.

Also remember we are trying to get a Movie Makers Users Group going to provide peer support for each other. We are meeting today (10/15/2009) at 1 PM ET.

Hope this helps,



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