KU Village is over. Long live KU Village.


The Kaplan University conference, KU Village 2009, is over!  It was a tremendous week with numerous presentations, and personally, with a lot of learning that I have to sift through and figure out what I am going to do with it.  I imagine that a lot of us are doing the same thing! 🙂

But it really isn’t over.  KU Village 2009 was a manifestation, a coming together of a network of like-minded educators at a specific time and (virtual) place.  Yet, the CTL network doesn’t go away just because the event is over.  The CTL and IL networks were strengthened and also grew because of the conference.  We all stretched ourselves (for me and the IL Fellows it was preparing the Greenhouse and hosting the Pre-Conference workshop on Social Networking), and we will all have to strengthen and work those new found “muscles” (skills/ideas) that we exercised during the Village meetings.

That is good and that is the way it should be.

So, the Innovations Lab will continue on!

  • A new round of applicants have already submitted their applications and the IL Fellows will be considering them at our next meeting.
  • We have our Book Discussion group meeting on Tuesday and our next GEM session also on Tuesday.
  • A week from Tuesday I will be presenting on Myna, a free web-based audio editor
  • Four IL Fellows will present in October.  (A group from Educational Studies will present on VoiceThread.  Later in the month we will have a presentation on MS OneNote.)
  • And the “starter” IL session, “Supercharge your Announcements” will also happen towards the end of the month!

Personally, I am working on a number of new posts for you, including:

  • An Aptured-enhanced web-essay.
  • Hand-writing fonts and how to use them
  • Interesting education blogs and where to find them
  • Plus, I will be tending to my (long neglected) RSS and Twitter feeds to gleen some

3 responses to “KU Village is over. Long live KU Village.

  1. Jonathan Groves

    Will, excellent comments you made about the KU Village Conference! It may be over in the sense that the formal meetings are over, but the networking and support and learning will continue. I too as well have a lot of things to sift through and think carefully about and reflect upon and think about how I can use these ideas to improve my teaching for next term.

    These ideas for new posts are wonderful! I would be interested in finding more blogs about education and handwriting fonts. I don’t know what an Aptured-enhanced web-essay is, but I would at least like to find out what that is. Sounds interesting.

    I haven’t seen a school yet that has anything like the IL here at Kaplan! Yay!

  2. It was a lot…I agree…and an grateful for the fact that it remains. I need that time to absorb and continue to grow. I am reading our book but doubt I will be done by Tuesday…lol. You all have more time than me, I think! Regardless—I enjoy the selections and even if I don’t run on the book club schedule…I enjoy being a silent member who is right at your heels…lol

    See you in October harvest season…harvesting our ideas and new seeds that is!


  3. Will, I have to echo what Jonathan says. I have never seen anything like the IL. Long live IL!

    The KU Village inspired me to try new things, and I am also thinking carefully about which ideas to implement, why I want to try them, and what I hope they will achieve.

    Thank you for all that you do!

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