YouTube Trick!

This was also posted on the KU Village Discussion Board!

Q: Did you know you can link directly to a specific point in a YouTube video?

A: You can! Just add #t=xxmxxs to the end of a YouTube link. If I wanted to send someone to 16 minutes and 41 seconds into a video, you would add this to the URL: #t=16m41s


Here is normal link to a talk about Shakespeare’s Sonnets from the University of Warwick:

Normal Link to YouTube Video.

Here is a link that takes you to 16 minutes and 41 seconds into the video:

Link to minute 16 and 41 seconds.

Pretty neat, huh?

2 responses to “YouTube Trick!

  1. Jonathan Groves

    Will, thanks for sharing this tip about YouTube videos. This is a neat tip that I was not aware of till you had mentioned it in one of the videos posted as a bonus to your talk at the Conference (I believe it was the video on Google Reader).

  2. Angela Ambrosia

    This is cool. I have to remember this. Great to send students just to the paart you want them to hear.

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