Prize in the Box! Week 2!

050710_will_ilsmallI am launching the next week’s worth of  “Prizes in the Box.”  Remember these are announcements that show up in my class — each for one day.  They are short, interesting, fun and will appeal to the students I teach — IT Students.

This week I have:

  • 3 days of pictures
  • A youTube video that I posted here a few days ago
  • A song by Jonathan Coulton
  • A Prezi presentation
  • A TED Talk by Seth Godin

Here is the link to the aggregate page for the week.

(I post a link to the aggregate page after the Unit is over.  Clever little trick to build interest!)



2 responses to “Prize in the Box! Week 2!

  1. Wonderful assortment Will. I’ll have to check some of your html to see how you code this. Since you mentioned what you did in one of your presentations, I was able to do something similar with tip, terms and motivational quotes. With that as a basis I can add prizes as I locate them.

    We can all start doing this, we don’t have to have all of the research “done” before we start.

    • Thanks Dennis! I am doing the same thing; building this as I go. I have a general plan, but I am filling in as I go. This is what Seth Godin would call “soft innovation” and I agree with him, it is more powerful than we might first think. I am monitoring my class login and time spent on the course webpage to see if I can glean any data from that. I will of course share when I learn more!

      Imagine if a group of faculty in a department was looking for “prizes” and shared them as they found them. That would make the process richer and even go quicker.

      I will post my html snippets soon, after I have my UNIT 3 prizes set!

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