8 Great Ideas from the IL GEM Session

050710_will_ilsmallHey everybody!  It’s Will and this post is HOT!

We had a great first meeting of our IL GEM session today (Tuesday the 8th)!  About 35 people showed up, and we had 8 GEMS that were shared. As well as some interesting discussions and support among faculty.  Really a very good start for this initiative!

I’ve used my emerging multi-media skills to create a 6 minute encapsulation of some the ideas that were shared.  The audio are clips from the Professors who shared, and the little write-up of each is mine.  So click on the player below to get a sense of what happens in a GEM session.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is a link to the full, playback archive of the session.

I really hope to see a lot of you at the GEM session next month!



7 responses to “8 Great Ideas from the IL GEM Session

  1. I really wanted to make it to this but for some reason I could never find out where to go to get there. How did I miss that?

    • Hey Joanie!

      There are two ways to keep on top of the IL Events.

      1) A CTL professional development calendar should be sent to you via email monthly from your Chair or Assistant Dean of Faculty.

      2) You can check the CTL Website. There is a neat calendar of all the events and urls to login posted at the bottom of the page.


      But no worries Joanie! We will be doing another GEM session the second Tuesday in October at 2pm ET!


  2. Hi, Will! I loved the recap you did of the GEM session I missed yesterday. What program did you use to make this video? Also, was the audio recorded from a conference call or from Adobe Connect?

    So cool!


    • Thanks Kella!

      1) We held the session in Elluminate (the IL is just testing it out this month), and I was able to download an MP3 version of the session.

      2) I sliced up the audio in Audacity so I only had the clips I wanted.

      3) I created little fade ins and outs for each audio clip.

      4) I created a powerpoint with the information I wanted for each GEM, and then saved that as .jpgs. (A nifty trick for creating standard sized images.)

      5) Then I used a video editing program called Video Editor from avs4you to create the video. (I could have used Windows Movie Maker, but it has been acting a little wonky for me lately.

      6) Then uploaded it to my Vimeo account.

      It is basically the same process that I used to create my sample SPARK presentation. And I could have used VoiceThread instead. So many ways to skin a cat these days! 🙂

      Thanks for the question Kella!


  3. Will,
    This is such a terrific encapsulation of what we shared in the first GEM session! It always amazes me that our faculty has so many creative ideas for classroom efficiency and enhancement. Sharing these GEMS is such a valuable activity. Having a library of GEMs that we all can refer to as needed, will be a welcome addition to the IL and Kaplan in general.
    I am so happy to be part of the evolution of this idea.

    Thanks for keeping us innovating!

    • Hi Ellen,

      I was pleased with the first GEM session, and with being able to capture some of the spirit in the room at the time.

      You are right: we are evolving this concept. So folks who are getting involved now are part of the pioneering group. And that is always fun!


  4. Holli Vah Seliskar

    This is a great way to share best practices and as you all have so creatively termed them ‘GEMS’. I would like to share some of my own ideas as well, and will do so in the next session!

    Great presentation Will! Sorry I couldn’t make the session (but am so glad for the archives!)

    Cordially, Holli Vah Seliskar

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