A Day at the Beach (part 1): The Weekend Web!

weekendweb_350pxI took off a couple days this past week and went to the beach in Rhode Island with my two youngest sons and my wife.  As I tend to do, I took a lot of pictures and some video our our time at the beach.

Now I want to do something with them!  Something fun.

As I was thinking about this and what I was going to do, I had a little ah-ha moment.  Why not turn this into a little teaching and learning moment for folks who enjoy our work at the Innovations Lab?

A lot of the tips and tricks that I demonstrate here and in IL Live Events are focused on the classroom.  And that is how it should be. But let’s face it: a lot of the tools and tricks can be used to enrich your personal live and help you communicate and stay connected with those whom you care about personally.  And that is good too, in my opinion!

So every so often, I will demonstrate a project that is more focused on the personal rather than the instructional.  I will call these “The Weekend Web Projects.”  But be careful you might learn something that you can use in the classroom too!  🙂

Today I will talk about CollageShaper.  Tommorrow I will tackle a little bit about Flickr.com


Shape Collage.

Here is a collage with a small number of photos.  (Click on the image below to see a larger version of the whole collage.)


Here is a collage with a lot more photographs.  (Click on the image below to see a larger version.)


And here is a short video about how Shape Collage works.

Thanks to Dawn G. for the lead to Shape Collage.

See you tomorrow!



2 responses to “A Day at the Beach (part 1): The Weekend Web!

  1. Hi Will.
    This is so creative! My one concern is about viewing all the pictures more clearly. Is there a way to isolate a photo so you can see it better or is this more a program for sharing a cutely shaped collage of many photos without being able to see them individually?
    How great to keep creatively inspired even on vacation!

    • Hi Ellen,

      This program just creates static images. Part 2 which I am going to post today will show you a different way to present photos — with flickr.com


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