Video: How NOT to use PowerPoint!

I got this from a friend of mine’s extremely useful page filled with powerpoint tips and tricks.  I haven’t mined it completely yet!

I’ll see you on the web!



4 responses to “Video: How NOT to use PowerPoint!

  1. Holli Vah Seliskar

    Will, this is hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I love PowerPoint, but it can certainly leave room for some mistakes that honestly, most good instructors try to avoid!

    Talk with you soon. Cordially, Holli Vah Seliskar

  2. The video was removed from YouTube. How disappointing!

  3. Chrissine Rios


    I found the video again here:


    Best wishes,

  4. I loved this video. Thank you for reposting it, Chrissine. I shared the link with my IT133 Software Applications class. We are reviweing PowerPoint do’s and dont’s this unit. A simple mistake in a PowerPoint presentation can distract the audience for the entire presentation.
    Thanks agian for the link.

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