Video Tests with VoiceThread

050710_will_ilsmallI am still on a bit of a video kick here at the IL.  This time I have been experimenting with the use of video in VoiceThread.  For this particular test, I inserted a bunch of videos into voice thread to see how they looked.  Then I exported the VoiceThread as “high-res” and imported it into Vimeo.   Here are the different clips that you will see in the timeline:

Animoto = 0.00
Flip Video = 0.41
Jing Video = 1.50
Webcam (created with vlogit) = 5.45
Webcam (with no resizing) = 8.46
Webcam and flip video of fireworks = 9.00
Flip video with a native VoiceThread audio narration = 10.01

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is the native VoiceThread Presentation if you want to see it there!

Keep innovating and I’ll see you on the web!


2 responses to “Video Tests with VoiceThread

  1. Will,

    Excellent use of VoiceTread. The IL is energitic but the Whiteboard/PPt applications are the most useful/interesting for the classroom. Thanks for ideas.

  2. Hi Will,

    You have to teach me how to do all of this. I actually purchased the Voice Thread Program but have not had time to download it as yet. I really would like to use this somewhere in my classes.

    I love the video’s.

    Thanks for sharing,


    P.S. Hope to get to one of the CTL Trainings

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