Video Users’ Group: Call to Action

Wow, check out this vintage video from the Video Users’ Group.  Simple astonishing.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

But seriously!  😉  I felt like there was enough energy in the room during last Tuesday’s IL Live Event (see the archive version here) on Windows Movie Maker to give a Users’ Group concept a shot.

Basically my idea of a Users’ Group is a self-organzing group of individuals who want to support and learn from one another on a specific topic.  I imagine Users’ Groups springing up around a variety of topics, being a useful way to learn together, and then melting away when they are no longer needed. I haven’t thought through all it, but I imagine it will be a combination of synchronus and asynchronous ways of communicating.  So in some ways this is about supporting each other as we learn about video, but it is also about figuring out the best ways to provide self-help and community support in general.

Video is one topic, because there is so much to it, that might benefit from this approach.

Help us figure out if a Video Users’ Group is worth the effort right now.  Complete the poll below.

Thanks.  I’ll see you on the web!



One response to “Video Users’ Group: Call to Action

  1. Hi Will!
    Even though we are all super busy, I think this effort is worth while. My students love my weekly You Tube videos (very simplistic – just me and the webcam for a minute), so I really believe the more interesting I can make these videos, the more community I can form within the classroom. I’m up to the group research attempt! Count me in!

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