TinyChat and PC Magazine’s Top Sites of 2009

050710_will_ilsmallCouple Interesting leads today:

PC Magazine has published their top 100 websites of 2009.  I haven’t dug into it too deeply, but TinyChat did catch my eye. From the article:

Rather than try to get all your various IM services to cooperate in creating a multi-person chatroom that probably won’t work anyway, jump on TinyChat and make an instant chat room that even supports audio and video.

That caught my attention.  I like simple, easy-to-use and on-demand solutions.

Now I am taking TinyChat for a test drive.  Here is what I have in mind:  over the few weeks I want to host a few informal IL sessions using TinyChat.   A time for folks just to chat, share ideas, etc.  I am thinking of doing a morning session which I want to call “Scones and Innovations!”  Also thinking of doing an afternoon session called “iTea Time!


Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for dates and times for these informal sessions.  And in the meantime, I’ll see you on the web!


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