On Intelligence and Built to Learn

050710_will_ilsmallI’ve been preparing for our August book group meeting (August 11 at 1pm ET) where we will be talking about James Zull’s book, The Art of Changing the Brain.  Over the past few years I have been reading a number of book about neuroscience including:

One book that really has stood out for me is On Intelligence by Jeffery Hawkin.  Hawkin is the inventor of the original Palm Treo, but has also had an interest in brain science for a long time.

I created a short presentation for my students on the book in 2006.  (The audio quality isn’t as good I would like it now, but still, I think it is relevant to our upcoming discussion of the Zull book.)

Click on the image below to watch the presentation:


In short, one of the take-aways for me from Hawkins book and now Zull’s book is that we, as human beings, are BUILT TO LEARN!  When I start with that premise (biologically, psychologically and/or philosophically), a lot of things fall into place for me.

See you at the book group on Tuesday August 11, 2009 at 1 PM ET. (Click here and scroll down to get the updated CTL Calendar and the link for the discussion group room!)


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