Car Flip?

I was prepping for Tuesday’s Innovations Lab Live event on Windows Movie Maker (Tuesday, August 4 at 2PM ET!) and I came up with something cool.  At least I thought it was cool! I attached a Flip Video Camera to the outside of my car and made a movie while I was driving.  Gosh, I couldn’t tell if my kids were embarassed or impressed.  🙂

I might use some footage in the Live Event session.

Here’s what it looked like:





Hope you have a great week and I’ll see you on the web!



5 responses to “Car Flip?

  1. Annesa Hartman

    OK, it’s a official – you are a nut! After seeing your Flip video last week Will, I promptly went to Staples and bought myself one – love it!!!


  2. Are you going to use this to monitor your kids’ driving? You could have them watch videos of their errors if you hooked it up to an accelerometer (like Drive Cam).

    Did you kind of notice other drivers treating you, er, carefully?

    • LOL. Pete, when my kids were looking at the video I shot, my 16 year old noticed that I did a rolling stop at a stop sign!

      I was worried what I was going to say if I got pulled over. 🙂


  3. The law enforcement officers are jealous! 🙂

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